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    Demonstrating why your electricity needs are met by Supernova Electric

    Our goal was to help an established company with over 20 years of experience hop into the digital world by building a site that demonstrate all that they are capable of. We wanted potential clients to be able to communicate with them no matter in what section they are at of the website. We created a framework, illustrations and a custom form that would help the company get new clients.

    Galactic, modern, loyal

    These are the words we think when scrolling through this page. We wanted to inform new clients of what Supernova Electric is capable of. We wanted users to know how this local company could help you by providing graphics of all that they do. Another goal was to have Supernova Electric have an online presence since for 20 years they have been successful and now they will have even more success through our SEO, functionality, responsiveness and compatible throughout all browsers.

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