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    Cosmic Taco

    Best Mexican grill from a food truck is one click away with Greens n Grill

    Our goal was to help a local food truck get online orders and to help with the flow of setting an ordering system for new and existing clients through a redesign. Their problem was that their old site did not have the aesthetic they wanted. It also lacked functionality as to how to order and was very hard for them to add new things on the menu. Therefore, you wouldn't know what new things they had unless you asked. They are located in a broad environment therefore they get a lot of orders from businesses around them. The problem is that people couldn't get orders in ahead of time causing Greens n Grill to be overwhelmed. We added many ways of how to place your order throughout the site and incorporated their brand look in order to blend everything together. We wanted the user to see images of all the items that they sell as you look into the menu. The menu has a sticky nav bar that helps the user navigate through it. We created a framework, visual branding and redesign that would help the business get online food orders.

    Authentic, simple, fresh

    These are the words we think when scrolling through this page. We wanted to keep it as simple as possible because our goal was to get potential new clients and existing clients to send their online order without scrolling as much. We focused on their current brand and incorporated what they already had on print to live digitally. The information was above the fold and we made sure the site was on brand.

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    Website before redesign:

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